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Why choose us?

There are plenty of dive shops and instructors out there to choose from, so you might ask "Why go with ARD?  What's so special about them?" Certainly these are legitimate questions that everyone should ask before beginning scuba training. We would answer that our experience and expertise, customer service, and value are unmatched.

First, we don't just teach beginning diving and maybe a few specialties. We teach it all: from the basic to the advanced to the exotic. We thoroughly enjoy introducing new students to the underwater environment for the first time. Seeing that initial reaction to a new and unique environment is absolutely the best part of being a scuba instructor. But we also really love helping new divers become experienced and accomplished divers. Helping divers discover additional possibilities that speak to them is extremely rewarding.  No matter where your passions lead you:  underwater photography, spear fishing, wreck penetration, cave diving, deep mixed gas diving, rebreather diving, whatever...we do that. We even train instructors and instructor trainers.  (So if you learn to dive through another dive shop we just might have trained your instructor.)  We do it all in-house. No matter where you want to go in recreational diving we can help you get there. And all this experience matters, even in the basic classes. Although very few recreational divers ever get into serious trouble underwater, a mistake can be extremely serious or even fatal. Just as you would never choose a sky diving instructor because he/she was the cheapest, you should not base a decision about scuba training on price alone.

Second, our customer service is unequaled. We offer programs that can be perfectly tailored to fit your needs. Our exclusive First Class programs provide one-on-one training with an instructor when and where you need it. You have the undivided attention of your own personal instructor when and where works best for you. You progress as rapidly or as leisurely as you choose. In other words, it's all about you. Our Business Class programs are perfect for families or small groups of friends. Our instructors can come to you so your training is still very individualized and tailored to meet your schedule and needs. And our Economy Class programs offer a tremendous value. Our regularly scheduled classes offer personalized training in a group setting and are the most economical way to get into scuba.

Finally, ARD training programs are exceptionally thorough yet priced competitively. We include necessary materials in our pricing such as books, access to online eLearning, referral letters or certification fees, etc. where some others tack these on as additional fees. (Because of this practice a $99 scuba class that seems like a bargain can easily end up costing $300 or more!) We also let you know up front exactly what is required to complete certification, what equipment you will be required to provide, and how much you should expect that to cost. Once you compare apples to apples and ask all the right questions, you'll find ARD to be an exceptional value.

So please shop around. Compare all that we offer to everybody else. We are certain that you will find our instructors are the most experienced, our programs are the most thorough, and that our value is unmatched. When you're ready we have a program that will perfectly fit your needs.